Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A St. Patty's Day Announcement...

I haven't felt like blogging much lately, but had to make this little announcement :0)

Happy St. Pat's! You may recall it's a favorite holiday here in The Parsonage Family, but I've been too sick and tired to prepare much fun for the family today. Store-bought green and white cupcakes. That's it.

Food in general and especially cooking disgust me right now, so there will be no shepherd's pie or corned beef and cabbage, and I think the girls will be grateful for that. As grateful as they should be to their little sibling for Mommy's impulse-based cravings (before the overall food-aversion kicked in):
"Mommy, can we stop for ice cream?"
"Ice cream? Sure! Sounds good!"
"Mommy, can we buy some candy in the checkout lane?"
"Sure! How about Twizzlers?"

The girls are really excited, and we are looking forward to our fifth "forever family" member, arriving mid-October.


EMU said...

Yippee for another Kelley baby! I'm so happy for y'all & can't wait to meet all three of these girls one day! Because certainly it's a girl, right? That's all I know about, anyway, so it's hard for me to imagine you having anything else! :) Praise God from whom this little HUGE blessing flows!

Lisa MH said...

Sooooooooooo excited for you! :)

pmk said...


Rachel Moss said...

Yay! I've been checking in here every few weeks, hoping to see this announcement. Congratulations!


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