Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Kitchen Table #TBTStories

Throwback Thursday Stories, hosted by The Mom Creative.
Today: 1984. I was turning three.

I recently bought a new kitchen table and chairs. We just got all new kitchen cabinets and countertops too, so I definitely wasn't wanting to spend money on new furniture at the same time, but our old table and chairs were kaput. More accurately, just the chairs, which were falling apart underneath us.

You see, that dining set was my parents' first, purchased when they got married in 1973. It was in my house growing up until I was thirteen, when we moved to a new house and my mom upgraded to a new set. This one sat in the basement for a decade (a well-earned sabbatical after 21 years of service), until I had my first little apartment in grad school. It became mine and has graced Matt's and my kitchens in Nashville, Clarksville, and now back to Nashville.

The table itself and the two chairs in less-bad condition now reside in the playroom, where they will host many hours of puzzles, games, and homework in the years to come. I'm glad not to be tossing the thing entirely, because it has such sentimental value. Forty-one years of family dinners just me and my parents, afternoons of homework throwing my math book across it, and birthday celebrations like the one in the photo above, when I turned three, surrounded by my parents, all four grandparents (such a blessing to have them all live close by), and a great-aunt and -uncle who never had children of their own. This was the crowd that gathered every year on my birthday, and it was always so special.

I chose this photo because you can actually see the style of the chair around my little toddler body. I spotted a similar style when watching the movie American Hustle last night. Such a seventies style, and I won't forget it. We're upgrading and getting with the times now, but the memories made around such a simple thing as the kitchen table will continue to grow with my own kids.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how a table can hold so many memories?? Love the birthday picture. :)

RockinMom said...

I loved the story around the table in the picture. Thank you for sharing it. My mom recently gave me a bag of old pictures. Your post has given me the idea to blog stories surrounding some of the pictures. Thanks again for sharing the story and for giving me the idea the share some of my stories.

Rachel Moss said...

We just got a "new to us" kitchen table and set of chairs, too. Our previous table was my grandparent's first kitchen table, my parent's first kitchen table, and our first kitchen table. We actually still have it in the house, as we've had several large dinner parties lately and it's come in very handy.


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