Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's by the Numbers

Building on a Facebook status my husband posted, here are our New Year's Day stats for the Kelley house:

Times Claire made it to the potty on her first day of training: 0

(Worse, she didn't really care that her panties were wet, so if we didn't notice when she'd gone, she'd just hang out in wet panties for a while!)

Kinds of meat my hubby slow smoked and we all devoured: 4

(A rack of ribs, a beef roast, a chicken, and salmon for his pescatarian mom. I should add that he then boiled a chicken carcass for four hours to make stock for some future recipe. He rocks.)

Sound of Music viewings: 2 

(Though, to be honest, it's very hard to calculate, because Kate jumps around, watching her favorite scenes numerous times and never actually finishing the film.)
Black eyes Kate gave herself doing gymnastics: 1

(Seriously. After about 25 leaps from the couch onto her new bean bag chair, her knee got in the way of her landing, and she now has a purple shiner under her eye.)

Years the fancy scotch Matt and his dad enjoyed aged in a fancy barrel: 30

(No comment, beyond the fact that I was told in no uncertain terms not to mix this whiskey with ginger ale, Coke Zero, or anything else... or really, just don't touch it at all, because you don't appreciate its wonderousness.)

Scrapbook pages completed by yours truly: 10

I had an awesome day. Matt and I had about six hours of sleep between the ball dropping and the kids rising, drank mimosas with the leftover champagne, made scrambled eggs, and the girls played together without parental involvement such that I was able to scrapbook our self-taken family photo shoot, Thanksgiving, and 24 days of Daily December. Matt's parents joined us for a mid-afternoon dinner, helping us eat the many meats and witnessing the gymnastic black eye. We all enjoyed such a relaxed, wonderful day doing things we enjoy in one another's company. I barely remember that yesterday was a work day and that tomorrow is not Sunday (lazy family days at home register as Saturday in my mind, so I end up all confused!). We may get snow overnight, though, so if day care is closed, tomorrow may be much of the same. If so, I may get to scrapbook the first through seventh days of Christmas, AKA Daily December 25-31. 

Hope 2014 treats you all right. Many blessings from Team Kelley.

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Rachel Moss said...

I giggled all the way through this post!


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