Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Bugs

Halloween night and it's rainy and blustery here in Nashville, so most neighborhoods have postponed trick-or-treating until tomorrow night. So, we "celebrated" by creeping our way home from day care on slow-rolling wet roads while the kids explored the candy in their treat bags from school. Once home, we made orange-tinted pancakes in the shape of pumpkins, witches' hats, arched-back cats, and also a lady bug and butterfly.

Why those last two? Because those are my girls' costumes, which they've enjoyed wearing a few times already and will don once again tomorrow night for the official trick-or-treating. Tomorrow also happens to be Claire's birthday, so we'll celebrate that a bit too, while I continue prepping for her farm-harvest party on Saturday!

Here are some pics of my little bugs enjoying the Halloween event at the Louisville Zoo a few weeks ago. BGC stayed behind in respite care for the weekend, but I will brag on her that she was a finalist in our neighborhood Halloween party's costume contest! She's a sweet pea in a little bunting. So cute!

There were no zombies or vampires at this kid-friendly event, but bears are what really scare my girls!
As in, a guy in a bear suit. The actual polar bears didn't bother them.

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