Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Soiree

I can't believe it's already Labor Day weekend! My parents are in town and we'll be grilling out this evening. I'll have to string up the lights I got for my birthday "soiree" a couple months ago—about which I never shared here!

You may recall I'd been daydreaming about it for months, since Kate's "outsourced" fourth birthday party inspired me to plan a party for myself at my next birthday. I hung lights across our patio and crafted a variety of Pinterest-y hors d'oeuvres, and a few friends gathered to chat and sip sangria around our new adirondacks. My friend Maria did the photographic documentation for me :0)

You can find most of the recipes on my Pinterest board for the party: ginger brie bites, crab cakes, rose' sangria, caprese skewers, and of course tons of cheese!

I've been trying to share some of my various party posts on Pinterest (see the board of all of them: The Parsonage Family on Pinterest).

Check out and consider repinning:
Kate's Ice Cream Party
Claire's Rainbow Party
Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails Baby Shower
Bird's Nest Baby Shower
and, just this week: A Virtual Baby Shower!

Sneak peak: I'm planning a farm/harvest theme party for Claire's second birthday in a few months. Our little foster baby has a birthday a few weeks before Claire's, so if she's still with us, we'll have to throw her a little party as well! Ideas?

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