Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little Girls

I have this song in my head tonight, though only upon watching the whole song again do I recognize just how un-DCS appropriate Ms. Hannigan's sentiments are. I have no desire to step on freckles or straighten curls, but we will definitely be dripping with little girls around here!

We agreed last week to take a little girl (13 mos.) for respite care later this week while her foster mom is out of town for five days. Then we got a call Monday to take another baby girl (10 mos.) into our care. Don't know how long this little one will be with us, but it does mean that from tomorrow through the weekend, the Kelley Haus will be chock full of little girls!

Day One with "Baby Girl Chandler," as I will call her here (gotta love a Friends reference), has gone well. Kate and Claire welcomed her wholeheartedly, and Claire hasn't even been jealous, just loving having "Baby!" here to dote on like a new doll or puppy. Tomorrow night comes our other guest and we'll enjoy a few days with FOUR girls age four and under (and 75% of those under two) in our house.

Lucky me, lucky me, look at what I'm dripping with: little girls!


EMU said...


Lisa H. said...

Wowie!!! You definitely have a full house. I'll be curious if the puppy-type newness wears off for Claire. Have fun with your temporarily larger family--all four of the girls are lucky to have you and Matt.

As an aside, I always tear up at the end of "Annie". Love that movie!!


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