Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who Wore It Best?

If you ever pick up an US magazine in the dentist's office (or maybe you actually subscribe—I'm not judging), and checked out the "Who Wore It Best?" celebrity page, you know people love to compare how the world's most beautiful people looked in the same fashions.

Well, now that we've got 20 months of hand-me-downs under our belt in the Kelley house, I thought it would be fun to compare how the most beautiful girls in Matt's and my world have looked in the same item of clothing.


First up, Kate in a Target impulse buy I just couldn't resist. Three years later, Claire pairs the festive dress with a bright balloon for Mommy's birthday soiree a couple weeks ago. Try not to let Kate's curls sway your vote too much!

 Next, Kate is nonchalant in a polka dot Gymboree swimsuit. Claire makes a bold statement with purple star sunglasses leftover from big sister's fourth birthday party.

 Kate goes sporty with a long sleeve onesie under her Carter's polo dress for St. Patrick's Day 2010, never forgetting the matching pacifier clip. Claire loses the undershirt but still needs tights on St. Pat's 2013, when she enjoyed a cookie and sippy on a kneeler after The Road that Sunday night.

 You can't go wrong with fleecy footie jammies on a cold winter night.

 Kate is the star of the show at her first birthday party, wearing a plaid Gymboree jumper. Claire agrees that plaid was very hot this year, cooling off in the refrigerator at 15 months.

This Gymboree jumper is one of the few things I paid full price for, and it's still such a favorite that I bought it in 3T off eBay so Kate could enjoy it again and they could match!

 Another Gymboree favorite. Love it. Love green. Love polka dots. Love Gymboree. Love these gorgeous girls!

 In the same sweet Strausburg playset (a gift from my aunt) at two months. They looked more different at this age, as Claire was so petite before she started solids! 

 Who wore her birthday suit best? Please don't answer that—Daddy will freak out!

Bonus: a four-way competition. The 1951 heirloom dress. Who wore it best? 
My mom in 1952, Me in 1982, Kate in 2009, or Claire in 2012?

Now that Kate is wearing some of my hand-me-downs (smocked Polly Flinders from 1985!) I might need to do another round comparing me and Kate in those dresses that I'm shocked she's willing to wear!

So, did you wear hand-me-downs as a kid? And, disregarding my terrible laundry skills rendering Claire at a disadvantage, which of my darlings seems to wear these things best?

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Lisa H. said...

This is great! I love seeing the girls side-by-side and the four way comparison was priceless! I love that you have a dress (dresses?) that have been in your family for so many years. My mom saved some of my baby clothing, but not a ton and it's not in the best shape anyway, so other than a photo op or two, we won't get a lot of photos like this. Your girls are ADORABLE!


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