Friday, July 26, 2013

My Assistant Camera-Girl

 I'm definitely guilty sometimes of overdoing it on pictures. If your husband rolls his eyes when you grab the camera or says things like "I require my food unphotographed," you know you might be going overboard. So sometimes I very deliberately leave the camera at home when we go to the zoo or whatnot, and I've apparently been doing a good job of it lately, because I hardly have any photos from the month of July!

I took plenty of photos on the Fourth of July, and then Matt's mom took some great ones at the girls' swim lessons last week, but overall, I've been more chill in my documentation this month. BUT, I did finally upload the photos from Kate's little camera, which was no longer taking pics because of the 14-months or so of photos still on it.

Here's a sampling of what I found from my little assistant photographer. It was a nice trip down memory lane.

Claire with her six-month sticker on (May 1, 2012)

A remarkably clear and well-composed shot of the grocery's meat department.

Our friend Lisa, who visited from California Memorial Day weekend 2012.

Nala and sweet, sun-bonneted Baby Claire

Popi showing off his juggling skills.

The inevitable aftermath of children watching someone juggle: throwing balls into the air.

Kate's backseat traveling companion

Unhappy Sister at approximately one year old

Christmas 2012 (it will be here again before we know it!)
Kate even took her camera to school one day, which I am grateful for, because we actually have a pic of her 4-year-old class. I keep meaning to go take some pictures of the girls in their classrooms with their school friends, but since Matt does most of the drop-off and pick-up, I don't get over there on school days very much!
I think on our next fun family outing, I should leave the camera at home and let Kate be lead photographer!


Headless In Nashville Hewitt said...

When I saw the one of me, I thought: "That looks just like my dress!" I was pleased that I could recognize myself after reading the caption that it was indeed me. :) Looking forward to Kate's photography skills when you guys come visit in November!

Matthew Kelley said...

That picture might say something about why her intellgender test said she was a boy. "Eyes up here!"


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