Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Long, Rainy, Patriotic Birthday Weekend

Like much of the south and midwest, we had a very rainy Fourth here in Nashville. It started Wednesday night when we were out to dinner with my parents, in town for my birthday (which is also the Fourth—such a fun birthday to have), and barely stopped until Sunday morning. Our plans for a holiday spent poolside, followed by an outdoor concert and fireworks show at a local park were totally blown to bits.

So, I did the only thing I knew to do. I got out every red, white, and blue craft supply I had, covered the dining room table with a thick picnic tablecloth, and let the girls go to town.

Claire insisted on wearing her bathing suit most of the day—bummed about the pool, I guess :0) but she had fun making handprint fireworks!

Kate did a handprint flag, then drew and colored a chili pepper (??) and then cut out a gazillion teeny stars from some scrapbook paper I had. I made tissue-paper fireworks and a pinwheel.

Later, all the family folks who had planned to go to the concert and fireworks came over to our house for an indoor picnic and birthday celebration.

Matt's mom's birthday is the fifth, so we often celebrate her as well.She's been wanting to do more scrapbooking, so I turned her on to Project Life! (Here I am animatedly explaining the card kits and all :0)

And I've been wanting to do some crafty sewing, so my in-laws equipped me to do that and more with this nice sewing machine! My parents gave me some fabulous organization pieces for my home office, so I'll share that once it's all put together. (My craft room and office are one and the same, so that room is a bit of a mess right now!)
 Rainy or not, my birthday long weekend is always a fun time!

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