Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Dress-Up Daughters

I never did get around to posting any of our family photos we had taken in early May. My brilliant plan to get good family photos followed by (once the girls' energy was waning) fun candids of the girls playing dress-up was thwarted when Matt and his dad decided to do some sort of yard work the morning of our pics, so Matt asked that we do the girls' pics first and he would get there as soon as he could.

I try to be easy-going (ha!) so I said, "sure," and headed off with the girls to our photo shoot with my former Abingdon colleague-turned-freelance-photographer, Ashley Miller. Sure enough, by the time Matt arrived, the girls didn't want to cooperate for family pics, but we did get some really cute candids of my girls and their dress-up duds.

This one reminds me of a "bride's room" moment, big sister pinning on the bride's veil :0)

This next one is my favorite. I had a canvas of it made to hang in our bedroom. Sweet sisters.

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