Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Cutest Superhero Party

My friend Nancy threw her daughter, Becca, the cutest superhero party last weekend! And since she's not blogging much these days, and my girls had such a great time, I'll take the liberty of telling you all about it (though you'll have to forgive the photographic focus on my own kids)!

Nancy had felt capes for all the kids that they got to embellish themselves from a wide array of shields, hearts, flowers, lightning bolts, stars, etc. It was the iron-on felt, so after arranging their pieces, the kids got in line to have a grown-up helper seal them with the iron. Then the kids could decorate their foam masks with stick-on foam pieces, and put on their silver armbands (tin foil over Starbucks cup-sleeves!)

Claire (i.e. me!) got to make a cape and mask too, and she looked so cute! If there had been a lightning bolt sticky, I might have used it on the mask, since people have mentioned her forehead scar is like Harry Potter's! 

Once all the kids were fully geared-out, they began their superhero training, first testing their super x-ray vision by finding glow-necklaces in a dark room (one kid at a time so they weren't running into each other!) Then we headed outside (the party was held at church—yet another benefit of being a PK!) for a superhero training obstacle course and super-strength training with a pinata!

Back inside for cake and presents, Claire gave up on her spoon almost immediately, grabbing the whole piece of cake off the plate with both hands! (See how her wound already looks so much better, only two weeks after getting four stitches? They didn't dissolve like they were supposed to, so we had to get them cut out after ten days.)

I know Nancy had been debating the concept of opening presents at the party, but after a big Facebook discussion with lots of people's input and ideas, I loved the path she chose: having a second chair up front for the gift-giver to come up and sit while Becca opened their gift. It helps minimize the free-for-all of present opening at kids parties, and help the birthday child connect gift and giver more directly, and the giver gets to help open the gift and see the birthday child enjoying it.

It was such a cute party, the superhero costumes make a great addition to the sparkly pink stuff filling our dress-up box, and I loved seeing how even girls can enjoy a superhero theme! Happy birthday, SuperBecca!

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