Monday, June 03, 2013

Little Techie

So how's our little bruiser after Friday's accident? She's good; the skin already seems to be growing back together, like the nurses said, and she's feeling just fine—back to her techie ways, which I was planning to tell you about before her injury preempted it!

I know everyone marvels how little kids love phones and instinctively know how to swipe a touchscreen—they are "digital natives," after all, but I've always thought Claire was a little more techie than most. She's an "old soul," and examines things very analytically. She loves to fiddle with knobs and buttons and ANY kind of technology, from light switches to remotes to the sound equipment at church. (The nurse let her turn on the spotlight thing that would shine down while she got her stitches. She enjoyed that.)
Examining Daddy's iPod speakers
Working on her laptop

Here, you take this old phone. I've got work to do.

When playing on my keyboard, she often brings up the HTML for whatever page the browser is on. I don't know how she does this. I'm sure it's a quick keyboard shortcut that she just happens to hit a lot, but it happens often enough to feel like evidence of her innate techniness!

I dunno, Mommy. I'm cool. 

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Kristen P - "Praz" said...

Cute! she's probably hitting "Ctrl + U" ... at least that's always what brings it up on my browser.


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