Thursday, May 02, 2013

Like Pulling Teeth

We're having family pictures taken tomorrow (by my former Abingdon colleague Ashley Miller—check her out). I've planned our outfits and some free-for-all time for the girls with a basket of dress-up stuff, but I still have some anxiety because kids are unpredictable and don't always want to cooperate with picture-taking. even if they do cooperate, it's hard to get a picture where multiple children are all smiling (or at least not caught mid-blink).

Ok, I'll be honest. It's mainly Kate I worry about. Let's not forget last year's display of contrarianism:

 Oh, she can work it when she wants to.
Age 2 1/2

Really work it.
Age 3

Age 5 mos.
But when she doesn't want to, it can be tough. Just last weekend, in Louisville, I tried to get a pic of my girls together on the playground. Here's how that went:
No, I don't want to take a picture with Claire.

I said noooo.

Ok, fine.

Hug Claire? Ok, I can do that...


That's sister love, right there. We'll see what kind of love we see tomorrow!


Ashley said...

I'm looking forward to it!

Rachel Moss said...

I still love that family picture with Kate's back turned to the camera. I understand it all too well!


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