Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fun Stuff

We've been going, going, going lately, but I wanted to take a minute to share some of our family fun the last few weeks. 

Usually, our pizza comes out of the freezer, but I thought it would be fun to make our own one night. We did two pies—one with some veggies for Daddy and I, and one with just pepperoni and tomato slices for Kate. They were both delicious! 

I love these two shots of Matt with the girls:

The following day was Derby, which is a big deal for me as a native Louisvillian. We didn't have an official party this year, but made the essentials--mint juleps and Derby pie--and the grandparents and a couple friends all came over to enjoy the race.

I'm always the most excited person in the room, but thankfully my parents were there as well to share the thrill. Matt's parents were a little calmer, and our teenage guest (who, yes, is still with us after 6-7 weeks now) was a little skeptical of all the hype!

Claire is exercising her physical skills more and more these days, refusing to be carried up or down stairs (has to walk herself!), climbing playground ladders, and climbing up on the computer chair herself.

She also said her first sentence a couple weeks ago: "I see you!" She says it when playing peekaboo ("apaboo!") or peering through rungs of a chair or staircase. (She added "I don't know" just the other day.)

 And Kate, apparently, has taken up yoga.

For Mother's Day, we went out for fro-yo the night before, and the girls gave me their gift, which Kate picked out herself at Target: a pretty silver necklace with hot pink stones. (Though, as I said, Theresa is still with us, she has been spending at least part of each weekend with her older sister who will soon take custody of her.)

I'd celebrated with my mom on Friday before she headed back to Louisville, so Sunday, we went to lunch with Matt's parents. (We started outside and moved inside since it was cool out, thus the two settings of these pics.)

And, super-cool yesterday, we attended the graduation of a youth in our church, at which the FLOTUS spoke! Yes, Michelle Obama was the commencement speaker—the only high school graduation she's doing this year. Her speech was wonderful, and she handed out the diplomas, hugging each graduate as he or she crossed the stage. What a special thing for those kids. Even if they aren't fans of the president, I still think that's a great and memorable thing they'll always be able to talk about. 

Anything cool going on in your life these days?

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Rachel Moss said...

I have never seen the acronym FLOTUS before. How clever!

Those pizzas do look tasty! Pizza is definitely something I look forward to eating again once E is weaned. We've started ordering a cheeseless pizza for me (veggies with extra sauce) on our pizza nights. Even though it's really good, there's nothing quite like the real thing.

Probably the most exciting thing going on around here is that I will be changing schools next year. I'm going to be at the Fine Arts Academy that houses the daycare our kiddos are in! I'm super excited about the opportunity to teach in a completely new environment and be in the same building as my own babies.


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