Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feeling Romantic (and Relaxed)

I'm feeling very romantic today, here in the beautiful surroundings of the Opryland Hotel. Matt is attending a ministry training event here with leaders from across the country, and since it's in our own backyard (just five miles from our church, maybe fifteen from our house) I am joining him for the weekend, to have my own little personal retreat.

After working much of the day yesterday, and handing over the young'uns to Granna and Opa, I enjoyed the evening just hanging out in our hotel room while Matt participated in the conference's evening sessions. I laid out all the photos and scrapbook supplies I brought, and indulged in four hours of wedding-related reality TV on The Learning Channel. (Or has their content made TLC stand for something else these days?) My goal is to scrapbook all our December/Christmas photos while I'm here, as well as do a little work and enjoy time with Matt when he can pull away from the conference. I'm feeling soooo relaxed, just having some time to myself, and I'm being reminded how important is is to get away as a couple now and again.

I'm feeling romantic because this is the site of Matt and my first date, almost ten years ago now. We'll be eating dinner at the Italian restaurant tonight where we ate on that first date, but there are also so many other places around this gorgeous hotel that bring back memories. Like the bench where we sat while waiting for our table, where we talked and learned how much we had in common. As I sit here working in sight of this gorgeous waterfall, I remember how we walked behind it on our first date, and it was so lovely and romantic, I was afraid he was going to try to kiss me and I wasn't quite ready for that!

(I've told Matt that story, so we laugh about it now. And kissed there last night, of course :0)
We spent the night here for our first wedding anniversary, and we come for dinner occasionally, or a business thing, but it's really nice to spend even more leisurely time here, just enjoying the views.

We brought the kids here at Christmas last year, but we realized we need to bring them over just for an ordinary Saturday to explore all the jungly pathways and waterfalls, take the indoor riverboat ride, and eat lunch. Next week is Kate's birthday party, but maybe the week after that. Can't wait to come back and share the fun with the kiddos!

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