Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Walkin' Bear

Walkin' bear . . . walkin' bear walks . . . any other bear stops and talks . . . but the walkin' bear walks . . .

Don't know why I feel compelled to adapt and sing that James Taylor song, but nonetheless, we have a walking Claire-Bear on our hands!
Yep, she took her first steps Monday night while we were all hanging around the kitchen making dinner. Still no more than two or three steps at a time, but it's such a milestone. Here's the video we got of her second set of steps:

Must be tiring for a little bear, learning to walk, because her teacher sent us these photos today of her napping at school. Don't know how it happened, but she fell asleep leaning against the clear side of her crib!

Hark! If you listen closely to the plexiglass wall, you can hear the ocean. No, wait, that's just my little buddy Dylan snoring the next crib over!

1 comment:

Lisa MH said...

Those photos of her in the crib are precious!!!


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