Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project Life Monthly (belated Spring)

Much of my scrapbooking this year has been in the form of monthly recap spreads. I've been good about keeping up with my photos and scrapping, but lax in sharing them on the blog. (Here was January-March.) I'm caught up through August, but haven't done September yet since I've been busy making Claire's first "birthday book"—the recap-of-the-year photobook I make for the girls for each birthday. (Her first birthday is less than two weeks away!)

Today, I'm sharing April and May. My albums go chronologically, so if I do any "traditional" 12x12 pages, they go in the book at the proper spot between the monthly collage-style Project Life pages. You'll see a couple of those below, and it's not really just either/or, since I sometimes use the Project Life divided pages for "regular" scrapbooking too!

April featured two Easter egg hunts and other springtime fun. Claire turned five months, so I included her belly sticker and some milestone updates, like I do every month. Kate was just learning to write her name, so I included a 6x12 showing her letter-writing and a "footprint butterfly" she watercolored.

 Extra happenings that month included Kate's swingset acrobatics, Claire learning to creep, and meeting up with "blog friends" Kim and Kristen.

 I also included pages highlighting Kate's love of her Memory game and her weekly gymnastics class.

May's highlight was our beach vacation, so that got a few pages of its own (not to mention a whole Shutterfly photobook!). May's main collage page explained how the month was pretty much divided into "preparing for the beach," "the beach," and "wishing we were still at the beach." Matt and I went to a Derby party, and I included a shot of a typical morning in our house, the girls playing on the floor of our room while we get ready.

Lastly, our friends Lisa and Jim visited from California for Memorial Day weekend. I regret that the brackets make Lisa appear to have horns, but the whole sheet captures their fun visit, including the mini-reunion for late-90s grads of Brentwood High, where Matt and Lisa became friends.

What a blast from the past to share these now! Late as it may be, though, I like to share my scrapbooking when I can, and I'm linking up today with The Mom Creative's Project Life Tuesday. If I share a month each Tuesday, I'll catch up to myself by Thanksgiving!

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Cerise said...

Wonderful layouts. I'm slowly coming up on our family vacation and was wondering how to add it to Project Life...I think making a photobook in addition is a great idea.
Love the butterfly feet...so so cute.


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