Sunday, October 07, 2012

Autumn Delights

I love everything about fall—the cooler weather, the changing leaves, tomato soup and grilled cheese, getting out my extensive collection of fall decor, pumpkin-flavored everything—the list goes on. This weekend, though, I've been delighted by various other fall-related things that aren't so ubiquitous.

My Kids' Art

I walked through the door Friday afternoon to see this propped atop the fridge.

On top of the fridge was the proper place for this bit of school-made preciousness because already displayed there was this fun bit of handprint art Kate and I did a few weeks ago at home. (I love how some of the ghosts even seem to have noses and mouths!)

And speaking of footprints, the great swingset project continues with the groundcover/mulching phase, to which I owe these great man-sized muddy prints across the kitchen floor.

Autumn Attire

When Kate was a baby and I was an even more avid eBay shopper, I bought a fabulous 24-piece lot of fall clothes from Gymboree, size 6-12 months. (I remember calculating it was about $300 worth of clothes and shoes, and my winning bid was about $25.) Kate's wardrobe for her first fall is still among my favorite clothes in our growing collection, and now it's Claire's turn to wear those great fall outfits. Like this denim jumper and orange shirt:

And some new additions, which the girls wore to church today. For Kate, a black jumper embroidered with little pumpkins (courtesy of Granna's consignment shopping), and for Claire, a smocked bishop with pumpkins and fall leaves in the yoke.

I love dresses like this but refuse to pay full price for them! I bought this one for 75% off around Christmastime last year! (Fancy Easter dresses of this style, I've bought on eBay—I highly recommend it!)

Fun Firsts

When it comes to kids, even fairly mundane things are notable when it's the first time. Today, each of our girls had one.

Kate's first caramel apple. She really wasn't sure how to tackle the thing, but after I did the first bite to give her a starting point, she enjoyed it. She was surprised to discover there was actually an apple inside. I don't know if that's because I'd billed the item as a dessert, so fruit came as a shock, or whether she thought "candy apple" was kind of like "gummy bear"—shaped like it but not actually the thing? I don't know.

And Claire had her first wagon ride. I was worried she would try to climb out, but she did not. She sat on the floor of the wagon (rather than the seat opposite Kate) and just leaned on the side, watching things go by. Kate and I played a game of spotting trees that were starting to get a hint of yellow or red.

So that was our weekend. I hope you had a good one too.
What's something fall-y you did this weekend?


Katie Bug said...

Those Sunday dresses are adorable!
We went to the State Fair of Texas yesterday...which is a huge fall tradition around these parts. It was a lot of fun, but I am paying for it today by way of one super spitty baby (I nibbled on lots of items with dairy yesterday) and major allergy issues.

Kristen said...

Super cute! We went to the Farmers' Market and then to a local produce shop to help Nana get some pumpkins and fall flowers to decorate her front yard!

Kim said...

Thanks for the reminder to look for new fall clothes for Lilly on eBay... we are running LOW! And my kiddos love the wagon, and it's a great workout for us, too! Gotta love fall!


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