Saturday, September 08, 2012

I'm a Minivan Mama

Well, the transformation into suburban mom is complete: I now drive a minivan.

Meet Ari. He is a Hyundai Entourage. (I'm not actually a fan of the show, "Entourage," but I do love Jeremy Piven, and it just seemed to fit.) Ari is big. And our garage is small. I just barely got him in there this evening after a family post-dinner ice cream run (so everybody else could enjoy a test drive as well) but I'll get the knack for it.

It's a 2008, from Carmax, and I really like it. It's very spacious, and such a smooth drive. Creamy, like butter. Odd adjectives for a car, I guess, but that's literally what comes to mind when I press either the gas or the brake. Very nice.

Looking at this picture, I am saying to myself, "what have I done?" But as Matt pointed out, the time was right to trade in my Elantra (second Hyundai in a row—I've been happy) and we'd have to take the plunge sometime. Sometime soon, in fact. Things were pretty tight with two car seats in a four-door, mid-size sedan, and the time will come when we need room for more than just two car seats.

No, I'm not pregnant. A third biological child will come at some point, we hope.

But for now, we have a different announcement. One I'd been drafting in another, more spiritual and dramatic blog post, but better I just say it here. Matt and I are in the process of being approved as foster parents! We look forward to hosting children who need a temporary home, probably before the end of the calendar year. More on how we came to this decision and other thoughts about it will come in the other post, whenever I finish it.

Besides new cars and new kids, another new addition is being added to our happy home: a new swingset! Matt and his dad (and my dad, when he was here last weekend) have been constructing this delightful piece of equipment in our backyard. It's quite a project. I can't count the hours they've put into this already. It will be fabulous, though, and the kids will really enjoy it.

And while the men were working on the Great Swingset Project of 2012 (and before and after getting my car) I crafted this little number to celebrate the coming of fall! Yippee!! I'm kind of a stickler for observing seasons and won't pull out the rest of my fall decorations until the autumnal equinox, but since my front door and kitchen table decorations were still my Eastery things I'd had up all spring and summer, it was time.

Plus, it was only in the mid-70s in Nashville today. A regular cold snap after the hellish heat we'd been having. Hope it's nice where you live. Fall will be here soon!


Lisa MH said...

Congrats on so many things: foster parenting approval, the new car, the new swingset and the pretty wreath. (Did I miss anything?) I remember your talking about fostering when we visited in exited to hear that it's official now. Sounds like a lot is happening in your world--and hopefully good things continue! Love you guys a ton! (PS Looking forward to your posting some photos from your visit with Nancy!)

Kim said...

YAY for becoming foster parents! That is SO awesome and what a blessing you will be to some kids in need... I just love your heart. Josh and I talk about the minivan on occasion and always end up renting (and loving) one when we go on trips. Thankfully my car is not ready to be traded in, so I can put it off a little longer!

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

I remember the moment I knew we would adopt our daughter from Uganda. We were standing in the driveway and I put my hand on the bumper of my minivan (which I came to love, btw) and told my husband, "I'll drive the big white church van if I have to. We need to bring her home."
And so we did.
And now I drive a big van. But it's not white and it actually looks kinda cool. For a 12-passenger...
Congrats on all the big changes in your life!

CherubMamma said...

You commented on Tammy's blog (I must be trippin') about looking for a locking med box. Figured I'd comment back to you and let you know what I use and have been happy with. I found mine at Office Depot.

Traci Michele said...

I'm new over here! Nice to meet you. Found you over at Angie's blog.

Katie Bug said...

I'm a little late seeing all of this, but yay for everything!
Minivan- I'm jealous! I would looove to have one right about now. We haven't had a car payment in almost 4 years, though, and we really don't want to have one any time I'll be trucking along in my old Accord until I'm forced out of it.
Fostering- Awesome! I looked into fostering when I stayed home with Katelyn, but Jer really isn't as drawn to it as I am. Maybe some day.
Swingset- Fun! I remember my dad and grandpa building a fort in our backyard when I was little. We had so much fun playing in it, and I always saw it as a monument to my daddy's love (and talent). My sister, my friends, and I were all disappointed when we realized the fort couldn't come with my family when we moved to a different neighborhood.


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