Thursday, August 09, 2012

What God Looks Like (according to Kate)

Last February, I told you all about Kate's career goals. When told she could be anything she wanted to be, she said, "I'm going to be naughty!"

I submitted that funny little kids-say moment to Parents magazine's Baby Bloopers section, then for a few months was quite indignant when the issue came out and didn't have mine in there. "Kate's funnier than those kids!" I would say. But then there we were in the July issue! I've been vindicated.

Here are a few of Kate's recent antics.

Last night when we prayed at dinner, Kate was looking up at the ceiling, so we asked her, "What does God look like?"

"A hamster"
"Like a little hamster, or big hamster?"
"A BIG hamster."
Matt asked, "Why a hamster, and not a gerbil or a rat or something outside the rodentia family?"
"Or a bunny?" I added.
"Yeah, a bunny," Kate said.
"Does God keep changing appearances?" we asked. "What does God look like now?"
"A butt crack."

I know he's the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, but sheesh.

After dinner, while eating popsicles outside, we asked her if God had shape-shifted again, and she basically just started naming things she saw outside: "a treetop..." "a bird..."

Kate, are you just naming things you see and saying God looks like them? God looks like... lamp. (name that movie)


As we finished our popsicles, we were talking about our family.
"Kate, you and Claire have the same mommy and the same daddy. What does that make you two?"


I don't think I'll share the butt crack thing with Parents magazine. Maybe the condom story, though!


Katie Bug said...

Yay for getting your funny published in the magazine!

Kim said...

"I love lamp." Truly a great movie quote. I'll leave the answer out there for someone else to guess, but will add the hint that it as delivered by the funnyman (formerly) from The Office. :)


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