Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Baby

I look through the photos I just uploaded, thinking "what do I need to share with the world?" and though I have other posts lurking around my mind, waiting for a burst of energy to actually write them, what stands out to me in these recent photos is Claire's smile.

It's nothing profound, but maybe these smiles will make you smile too :0)

Enjoying the zoo with Nala and Popi
Being pulled around the kitchen by Popi in Kate's little toy wagon
And, showing off the pretty ribbon-rosette headband Mommy made me!
(Kate has a matching one on a barrette, but she didn't want to pose for a picture.)
Can you see my one tooth? It's that teeny gray slit on my bottom gum.
Mommy thinks I'm super-pretty. Don't you agree? 


Matthew Kelley said...

I agree. And I think the pure, unencumbered joy of an infant is incredibly profound.

NALA said...

Just beautiful - I especially love that last picture. Nala

Sarah Wyland said...

I agree!

I love the innocents of a young child experiencing life for the first time.

Kristen said...

I agree! What a beautiful girl, just like her big sister and mama!

Kim said...

I do agree! I forgot how much I love these months. Happy babies are the best!


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