Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Pics, June 2012

Our friend Maria, who has done so many other great family photo shoots for us, came out weekend before last to do some pics (theoretically for Claire's six month mark, but I was waiting until she was sitting up steadily). Kate wasn't feeling too cooperative, so all the pics of her were snapped on the swingset. We managed to wrangle her into a few family shots, but couldn't get her to sit with just Claire. So we didn't get any of the sisters together, but I get plenty of those myself, so it's okay!

I'd say this session captured our family life right now pretty well: sweet baby, contrarian preschooler, loving parents trying to go with the flow. :0)

I pinned some creative/cutesy photos the night before (see my photo-ideas board) and gathered my own props for some "Pinteresting" photos. Yeah, they mostly came out cheesy, but still worth sharing. :0)
This is my profile shot if I ever open my own Etsy shop.

Like all the just-engaged couples in their frames...

The elegant frame gave great contrast to my finally-had-enough baby .
And the ultimate outtake: whacking myself in the head with my pinteresting frame. ;0)


Katie Bug said...

These pictures are great! My favorite is the one with Kate's back turned to the camera. It made me laugh out loud.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

These are too cute and you'll be so happy you took the time to do these one day! (even the funny outtakes!) :)

mam said...

I'm so glad you liked the pictures! I have to say, I even kind of liked a few of the frame ones. And the one with Kate's back turned is absolutely priceless. - Maria


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