Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bits and Pieces

A few thoughts, pictures, etc. for the week:

Derby Day

As a native Louisvillian, I love Derby. I've tried several times since leaving home to seduce new neighbors into loving it as much as I do with fun parties. The most successful was my senior year of college at Furman, where I first tried my now-famous jalapeno cheese grits. The least successful, arguably, was two years ago when the great Nashville flood occurred on Derby Day, and one by one, our party guests called to say they were flooded in and could not make it!

A month or so ago, I saw a poster for the Juleps & Jockeys event at Carnton Plantation in Franklin, and decided that's what we needed to do this year. So Matt and I got dolled up and enjoyed great hors d'ouevres, juleps, and the big race in style.

Time Flies

Not wanting to lug the big camera to the Derby event, I broke out the little camera, which had not been used in months. On it was this video of Kate, taken seven months ago, on October 2, 2011 (about a month before Claire was born).

It's amazing how much more "babyish" her voice and face seem, though it was not so long ago. (And yet I recall butting heads with her in some very teenager-ish altercations with her during this time period!)

Stuff Kate Likes

Gymnastics has definitely usurped Sesame Street as Kate's current obsession. Rather than begging to watch "AbbyElmo" all the time on the computer, she wants to watch gymnastics videos on YouTube. We all enjoy going to to her "'nastics" class on Thursday evenings.

Here she is doing the bear walk across the even parallel bars...

 And playing Memory before bed every night. I admit I love it too (except when she realizes it's our last game of the evening and she suddenly "forgets" which order we were taking our turns in and pulls other shenanigans to prolong the game).

Beachward Ho!

We are going on vacation soon, and to enhance the anticipation for Kate (and help her to learn to count backwards!) I created this fun beach countdown garland for our mantle. Each day, we take something down  and count the days remaining until our trip.

We have been looking forward to this vacation for months. With such a busy spring, we just can't wait to relax and play together as a family. I keep saying I don't care if it rains the whole time, I just want to take it easy in our beachfront condo! We're going to have a great time.


EMU said...

Keep blurting out your heart! I enjoyed reading about your struggle to rein in your tongue & actions, because I often talk before I think, too. I often joke that JEU is my discernment, as he has tamed me quite a bit in the last 10 years. :)

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Confession: I actually deleted that section this morning, feeling I'd let it all hang out too much (irony!) I'm glad you liked it, though. Maybe I'll add it back, minus my confession of workplace snarkiness—I mainly just didn't want some future employer to find this and think I was a "loose cannon"!

Jennifer said...

Confession: I saw your "blurt" too. I have to give you kudos for being so honest. I feel the same way in most situations. I'm constantly second guessing myself and what I say. I wish I had the courage to write about anything and everything, but I'm way too chicken to do so. I can say this, I love your blog and your honesty and I appreciate that you put it out there (even if you take it down). Keep it up Jessica!

Katie Bug said...

I love the vacation garland! I'm sure that you will have a fabulous family vaca...even if you do get rained on the whole time.
We will be homebound this summer, which is a teeny bit of a bummer. I really can't remember the last time we didn't go anywhere over summer break.


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