Sunday, April 01, 2012

Two Egg Hunts

After all our family sickness this weekend (or rather, amidst it, since both girls relapsed a little during the Final Four last night—go Cats!) we enjoyed two Easter egg hunting events! The most entertaining aspect of these events to us was the fact that Kate's obsession with matching things, especially colors, has gone to a new level. 

Yes, on Saturday, when she wore a blue dress (and blue Mardi Gras beads, her own addition) she only picked up blue eggs. Seriously. She passed over dozens of other colored eggs that other children snatched up and filled her (blue) bucket with about thirty-five blue eggs. Everyone who noticed just found it hysterical. I chose to think of it as a Go Big Blue kind of omen, but I'm certain it's just her love of matching.

And indeed, today at the church egg hunt, she was wearing pink and only picked up pink eggs. We tried to talk her into picking up green as well, since there was some green in her dress, but the only non-pink one she was interested in was a small orange one, which she was fascinated with just because it was smaller than all the other eggs.

Kate also, to our surprise, absolutely HATED the Easter Bunny. She was fine with Santa and with the big monkey guy at Monkey Joe's (a local bouncy-fun place) but no dice for the bunny. Subsequently, Claire had her picture taken by herself with two bunnies this weekend.

The second one, actually, was Matt, but even knowing that did not lessen Kate's fear and dread of the big fella. She wanted nothing to do with him. Even when Matt gave her a peek under the mask (in case she didn't believe me) she ran and put a folding chair between them so he wouldn't get her.

Whenever the big bunny was out of sight, though, we had a great time. Saturday's event was Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, with Granna and Opa, so we enjoyed a nice breakfast before the (blue) egg hunt.

Today's event was at the church, where Matt got suckered into wearing the bunny costume since someone else didn't show up. Kate did NOT like seeing Granna or me having our picture taken with the evil bunny either. I'm sorry to tell you, I had mercy on the child and did not photograph her terror. I think those photos of kids scared of Santa and whatnot are hilarious, but I tried (in vain) to comfort her instead.

In other news, Claire began solids this week. Only a few times, since it was interrupted by illness, but she has seemed to enjoy her baby oatmeal so far. So much, she has decided that cookies look pretty good too!

Big sister won't share, though!

I'm thinking next year, Kate will enjoy the Easter Bunny and Claire will be terrified but still small enough we can force her onto his lap. That should make for some fun pictures!


Tracy Wells Miller said...

LOL -- this is hilarious!! I love how Kate's personality is starting to really shine through... what with the matching eggs and then the photos of Claire by herself with the Easter bunnies, with Kate noticeably missing... isn't it funny the different things kids are afraid of? When I was a kid, I was afraid of E.T. My sister was absolutely TERRIFIED of Placido Flamingo, the opera-singing flamingo on Sesame Street. (Have I told you this before? Probably.) She would run screaming from the room whenever he came on the screen. No idea why opera scared her so much... maybe that's why she became a folk singer! LOL.

Katie Bug said...

The matching egg pictures are hilarious!


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