Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kate Cam

Kate got her very own camera for Christmas, the Vtech Kidzoom camera. It was the first thing she opened Christmas morning and it was hard to get her to open anything else, she was so obsessed with taking pictures of everything (hmm... wonder where she gets that from :0)

It holds over 300 digital photos and videos, so since it's been full for a while and I was tired of deleting some whenever she wanted to play with it, I finally got around to uploading her pics just now. Out of the 308 files, over half looked like this:

Not surprising, given the wildness of the photographer and the low shutter speed of the camera. There were also a fair number that were pitch black (from taking pictures in her room after bedtime) and that featured some of the camera's silly frames and effects:

But as I suspected, there were plenty that captured a Kate's-eye-view of things, from Christmas morning and all her loved ones, to close-ups of balls and toys, and her room. 

What a sweet perspective to see. I can't wait to show her all her pics in the morning. She'll be so excited!

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EMU said...

Hehe. I have a post just like this that I've been meaning to finish for several months now. Ha! :)


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