Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sick Baby (make that Babies)

Last Wednesday, Claire got sent home from day care because she had a cough so bad that she was blowing bloody snot out of her nose. Other kids in her room had had croup and RSV recently, so they wanted us to get Claire checked out. So, I left work early and took her to the doctor. The pediatrician said her RSV test was negative, but it was "viral bronchiolitis" and we should keep her home for a few days.

So, Matt and I traded off Thursday and Friday, one of us working from home for the morning and then switching midday. Claire actually seemed in pretty good spirits, and it didn't "get worse before it got better," as the doctor said might happen. She seemed fine by Friday afternoon.

Sweet Clairy-Bear sat pleasantly in her bouncer while I worked at my desk in the kitchen. I always wonder if I would enjoy working from home if I had the chance, so it's nice to have a reminder now and again how there are drawbacks to the flexibility and comfort of working at home—namely, the lack of distinction between work and home, so you feel torn and divided no matter what you're doing.

Apparently, I needed yet another reminder, because yesterday (yes, just one week later, almost to the minute) I got a call from the day care director once again, this time saying that Claire was throwing up, as were several other kids in other classrooms.

So, this morning, it was back to the old home office (a kitchen desk like this was one of my big "wish list" items when looking for a house) and I got a lot done here before Matt came home and we did the old trade-off again. Claire has still been such a sweetheart today, not crying and being so content, though she seemed much sicker than last week, since she was throwing up every hour or two. The washing machine has gotten a workout today!

And just when we thought things would be back to normal tomorrow—I talked to Matt while I was with Kate at gymnastics, and he said Claire hadn't thrown up in five or six hours—then he calls back to say Claire threw up again. And then as we were leaving gymnastics, Kate started throwing up.

So, I change the name of this blog post in-progress to "Sick Babies," and make plans for more home officing tomorrow... unless I'm down for the count myself. I wouldn't rule it out.

Update: Kate was up sick every hour last night, but sweet darling Matt actually slept in her room with her so he could be right there for her each time. I'm a lighter sleeper than he is (or more attune to cries in the night, at least) so I am very grateful that he did that. At 5 am, I woke up and got sick, as I have several more times since then. The plague has gotten me as well. Kate was pretty much back to normal by 9 am and wanting attention from her sick mama. Claire is all better as well! As of 1:48 in the afternoon, Matt is still healthy! Do you think it will stay that way? 


Kristen said...

Bless your hearts :( I'm so sorry you guys have been sick. Let us know if you need anything (we'll drop it off on the porch, of course ;)). Seriously though - don't hesitate to call. I hope Matt stays well!

Katie Bug said...

Sorry for the sickness! I'll be praying that you are all better soon.


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