Friday, March 23, 2012

Claire's First Trip to the Zoo

Last Sunday being gorgeous as it was, we made our first zoo trip of the season, which was, of course, Claire's first zoo trip ever! We broke out our awesome new double umbrella stroller so both girls could ride, and had a great afternoon.

We stumbled upon an animal show in the amphitheater, seeing a few cool birds, a hissing cockroach (that Kate and I met at ZooTwos last fall), a giant albino python, and this cool lynx.  
 Kate was a cool cat herself in her shades...
 ... and actually had a kind of bohemian chic thing going on with her new skirt from Old Navy. (She completed the look by choosing a crocheted hat to top it off, but I didn't get a picture of her wearing it.)

The 'mingos were a favorite as always, and Claire matched them in her coral pink romper.

The girls were zonked out by the end of the afternoon. We look forward to many more zoo days this spring and summer! (It was technically still winter last Sunday, after all!)


Katie Bug said...

Which double stroller do you have? Are you happy with it so far? We're trying to decide if we truly "need" one.

Kristen P said...

Fun! I like that you and Kate had on similar outfits!


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