Wednesday, February 08, 2012

When She Grows Up

Kate isn't yet able to tell us things she wants to "be" when she grows up—a doctor, an artist, a yellow fire truck. (I've heard some doozies from kids over the years!) But Kate is starting to use the phrase, "when I get grown up..." not in the context of a career, but as in:

"I don't like coffee. When I get grown up, I will like coffee."
"I don't have an office. When I get grown up, I will have an office."

Last night, I took the girls to the library after school/work while Matt was at his class. After checking out some books for Kate, we noticed that a hip hop dance workshop was starting. Sounded like fun, so we stuck around. The woman talked about the history and philosophy of hip hop for about 20 minutes, and then we all learned a dance and did some freestyling! (Hard to imagine, isn't it?)

The song we did the dance to had the lyrics, "I can be anything . . . you can be anything . . . boys and girls can be anything." I liked that affirmation a lot, and as we got in the car, I told Kate how much I liked it, "because you can be anything!"

She thought for a second, and then said:
"I'm going to be naughty!"


Matthew Kelley said...

Uh oh... someone's getting home-schooled!

EMU said...



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