Tuesday, February 14, 2012


... no longer belongs to a certain Mr. and Mrs. Parsonage who live in California! Hooray!

I looked into getting my own domain a couple years ago, but an actual family with the last name "Parsonage" owned theparsonagefamily.com (though they weren't even using it), and rather than decide on an option like .net or parsonagefam or something, I just went on with my life and didn't worry about it.

But after spending a good five minutes on Sunday telling someone "matt-and-jess-no, not an ampersand-kelley-with-an-EY-dot-blog-spot..." I thought maybe it was time to look into an easier URL. And lo and behold, the Parsonages have given it up. Actually, they might be the same Parsonages who own the Parsonage Family Winery (no, despite the stock in my pantry, that is not us) who are now found at www.parsonagewines.com.

Technically, we don't live in a parsonage anymore, but hey, Vanderbilt Wife's husband isn't at Vanderbilt anymore either. So, all that said, you can now find the homeowning Rev. and Mrs. Kelley-with-an-EY with the adorable kids at (drumroll please)...


Tell your friends. And thanks for reading. :0)

P.S. It's still hosted through Blogger and everything, so you don't need to reset your Reader or anything. Thanks!

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