Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Preparty

Kate loves being three. She announces several times a day, "I'm three now!" She has also said the following:

"Five more weeks and I'll be eight."
"Three more eights and I'll be R."

Guess we need to work on her math skills. And on the difference between numbers and letters.

Anyway, plenty of time for that. Just wanted to share real quick the little pre-party birthday celebration we had over breakfast on Saturday. So that the number of gifts wouldn't get out of hand at her party—and so she could enjoy her big gift some during the day—we had her open gifts from Mommy and Daddy over muffins in the morning.

(FYI, if you put a candle in a hot muffin, it will melt into the muffin.)

Then she opened presents, including a couple puzzles and some new clothes (in which she showed more interest than I expected!)

And then, after opening a bike helmet (and wondering what it was), we led her out to the front porch to see her new bike! We'd thought about getting a tricycle, but I thought she was big enough to handle a little 12-inch bike with training wheels.
"What is this thing?"

"Ok, I'll give it a try."

"Here I go!"

Big girl Kate and her bicycle. 

She still needs some practice to get the pedaling motion down, but we'll get lots of practice with this balmy February weather! We haven't gotten home before dark any night this week—church meeting, grocery, Wednesday night church, gymnastics—but the weekend's a-comin'! 

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Lisa H. aka A Big Kate Fan said...

Ack, she's so cute I can't stand it!!! "I'm going to be R" and the photos of her on the bike in her pjs. Love love love!!!


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