Sunday, February 12, 2012


One of Kate's "things" lately is hiding from the camera. She thinks it's hilarious. She can pose wonderfully for the camera when she wants to, but of course this falls into the category of "do the opposite of whatever my parents want at this moment."

 The reason I was trying to take a pic period here is that Kate and Claire were dressed kinda matchy-matchy—at Kate's request, of course! Kate's red and white striped jumper (with apple buttons) is from over a year ago (which is why she has to wear leggings under it now!) and Claire's romper just happens to have red and white stripes too (and some big red flowers), so Kate likes for them to wear them on the same day.

As you see in this pic Kate didn't run away from (but didn't pose for either).

Sometimes, she likes to shout, "Take my picture!" and then as soon as the camera is up to my face, she laughs and runs away.
 "What the heck is my sister doing?" -Claire

We had been taking a little walk in the rain, so I thought both girls looked so cute in their hoods and tried to take a pic in the garage before going back inside. Instead, we got this, over and over (and over) again.

 Fine, then. Claire is a captive (and super-cute) subject. Smile, Clairy-Beary!

And HA! I'm still putting your pictures on the blog anyway!


Matthew Kelley said...

Yeah, you sure showed her!

I love my look of incredulity in that first picture.

Lisa H aka Kelley Family Fan said...

I LOVE the photos of Kate hiding. Matt's face in the first photo is priceless. I feel like that's the Matt I really know. I'd also like to tell Kate that I like dressing matchy-matchy too and bought matching PJs for Jim and me (with our names embroidered even!) for Christmas and other holidays with people around, but he semi-refuses to wear them and only does if he is really, really indulging me. So, basically, you sometimes never outgrow the matchy-matchy.

alison bynum said...

i smile every time i see the dress that kate has on because we have it too and it is so stinkin versatile. it's been in our wardrobe circulation for i guess 3 years now and i don't see it going away any time soon...dress to top over leggings to just shirt - and it is all seasons - probably a dumb comment to make - but i think you and i are on the same page here! love following your family!


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