Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Half Her Life Ago

When I'm sitting at the computer and Kate wants to sit on my lap and I don't want to watch "AbbyElmo" (i.e. videos on I pull up some of my favorite blogs with pics and videos of little kids and babies. Kate gets a kick out of that, constantly asking "What her name?" at every picture. And when I get tired of answering that question, I pull up our own blog and show Kate pictures and videos of herself.

From these trips down the memory lane known as all-posts-tagged-"video," I have determined that the video below is my all-time favorite. It was shot while waiting for the pediatrician at Kate's 18 month checkup. 18 months. That was half her life ago. It was a huge, adorable deal that she could say her own name and point to various body parts, and here she is at three, talking constantly and more prone to pointing to my body parts than her own (like when I had the girls in my office yesterday evening after most people had gone home, so I fed Claire with only a strategically arranged scarf for modesty, and Kate practically shouts, "why you covering your boobie up?!")

Half my life ago, I was fifteen, starting my sophomore year of high school and still awkward as can be. What about you?

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