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11 Questions Tag-Up

Have I mentioned I love questionnaires, polls, and surveys of all kinds? Since this is the second bloggy-linkup-Q&A sort of thing I've done in a week's time (the first being that Valentine's Love Story one), it should be obvious. This one comes from Leslie at A Blonde Ambition. (Leslie, by the way, is one of the folks who met their significant other/now spouse through the "Show Us Your Singles" linkups on Kelly's Korner. I think all those couples and Kelly should appear on the Today show.)

The Rules
~you must post the rules
~post 11 fun facts about yourself
~answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you; then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged
~tag 11 people and link them in your post
~let them know you have tagged them

My 11 Fun Facts
  1. My favorite TV shows right now are Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, and Downton Abbey. Two of these aren't even on right now, so I really don't watch much TV! (I'm still obsessed with Friends, though, even though it has been off the air for 8 years. Matt and I quote it at least once a day, usually more.) 
  2. Since having kids, my hair has been in a perma-ponytail. I just feel so much more polished when it is pulled back from my face. I feel self-conscious when it is down. I still wear it down sometimes, but only because I feel like I should (i.e. my mom thinks I should).
  3. In that same vein of mom-style, I don't wear heels near as much as I did before kids. I wore 3.5-inch black patent peep-toe pumps throughout my whole pregnancy with Kate, but now, I'm really glad ballet flats and flat-soled boots are in style right now. I still like heels, but I've found I need to put them on and take them off at the door, because they're just not conducive to crouching down to put Kate's shoes on, picking up toys off the floor, etc. Walking upright in the office is fine :0) 
  4. And, since this is kind of a stream of consciousness thing, and I just mentioned "walking upright," I'll mention that Tarzan is our new family movie. I got it because our only other full-length kids movie was Sleeping Beauty and I want to keep the whole "princess" culture balanced out. I like Tarzan mainly because of the Phil Collins songs in it, and didn't realize how sad and violent parts of it are! There's a body count of at least five, and the poor monkey mama loses her baby, which just kills me! 
  5. I edit and Circuit Rider magazine. I used to edit books as well. I enjoy all of it, but I tend to enjoy planning and editing more short-form articles more. 
  6. I LOVE being pregnant. (I'm not pregnant right now, just to clarify, but I love it when I am.) Only my belly expands, so I feel really good about my body, and the tiredness and vomiting don't dampen my enjoyment overall. I would consider being a professional surrogate if it weren't for the giving up wine for nine months! 
  7. Speaking of which, I love wine. I enjoy chocolate, cupcakes, and M&Ms, but I would be willing to give sweets up forever if I could have wine and cheese for every meal. 
  8. I love shopping for my girls' clothes on eBay. I mainly search for Gymboree, "monogram K," and "monogram C," and sort by size and lowest price, including shipping. I limit myself to buying just one size higher than what they currently wear; otherwise I'd be stuffing Kate's closet with stuff she won't wear until first grade and spending way too much! 
  9. I love that Matt's nickname for my working mom persona is Power-Chick. And that his song for me is Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman." It kills me because the basic premise of the song is that she's a crazy b*tch but he loves her anyway!
  10. I put things on lists just so I can cross them off, and write things in my planner after they happen, just so I can have a record. I keep notes about future things to remember written in the back of my planner so I can put them on next year's planner and so on until it's actually that year. Next July's dentist appointment, gift ideas for next Christmas, the approximate date we should start trying for Baby #3... and so on.
  11. I love the fact that when I asked Matt "what's a fun fact about me?" he named three things that I would never, ever share with the world wide web! That's intimacy right there. 

Leslie's 11 Questions
  1. If you could raid any celebrity's closet, who would it be and why? I really have no idea, but I'm going to say Jennifer Aniston. She seems stylish and down-to-earth.
  2. If you were a shoe, what would you look like? I'd be a black peep-toe slingback pump. Classic and ready to take on the world. A Power-Chick shoe. 
  3. What is your biggest pet peeve? People saying "expresso" and other misspellings and mispronunciations. And stickers and tags; they gross me out.  
  4. Favorite song of all-time? I don't know about for all-time, but maybe "100 Years" by Five for Fighting? 
  5. Are you a dog person or a cat person? And why? I've had both, and love both. I like the self-sufficiency of a cat, but once all our kids are potty-trained, we'll probably get a dog, because they're just so fun. 
  6. You're queen for a day. How do you spend your royal 24 hours? I would hop on my royal private jet and fly to Rome or Munich or Budapest and just hang out, strolling the streets and sipping coffee at a sidewalk cafe. 
  7. What's the most delicious thing you've ever eaten? A market-price steak at a French restaurant my high school sweetheart took me to a couple months after we'd broken up. (It was an amazing piece of beef, but I always wonder if it was just the sweet taste of revenge. Long story. Kind of a "Hit 'Em Up Style" sort of thing.)
  8. What scares you the most? (This can be deep and complex or shallow...whateva you feel like!) On the shallow end, snakes. On the deep end, losing a child. 
  9. Which celebrity do you wish would drift off into obscurity? The Kardashians. Why are they famous, anyway?
  10. You're 16 years old again. What advice would you give your younger self? Don't let boys get you so stressed out. You are valuable on your own, and when it's meant to work out, it will. 
  11. What's your Starbucks order? Grande, nonfat toffee nut latte. 

I'm tagging Rachel, Nancy, Kristen, Kim, Jenni, Katie, Liz, Tearza,and Jessie
Here are your 11 questions. Go! 
  1. Where would you go if you had an all-expenses paid trip somewhere?
  2. What do you remember about kindergarten?
  3. Where did you and your spouse go on your first date?
  4. It's 10:30 pm on a weeknight. What are you doing?
  5. What did your senior prom dress look like?
  6. If you could instantly be fluent in one language, what would it be?
  7. What is the proudest moment of your life?
  8. Are there any words people say you pronounce funny?
  9. What do people need to know about you to "really" know you?
  10. What was your favorite class in college?
  11. You're craving something salty. What do you grab?
(Given that a couple of the people I tagged are pregnant, they are probably off to grab something salty now. :0) 

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