Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Daily December (Week 2)

The first few pics from this past week set a "people holding Claire" theme, but I promise there are more holiday-oriented photos further down! 

Tuesday, Dec. 6: Matt's mom came over while Kate was in school so that she could cuddle Claire for a good long time without being begged to get up and play! 

Wednesday, Dec. 7: Claire and I went up to Bowling Green, Ky., to meet my mom for lunch and shopping. It's only about an hour from Nashville and two hours from Louisville, so it makes a good midpoint to meet up occasionally between bigger visits. I drove back home praying that my girls would want to spend time with me as they get bigger as much as I want to spend time with my mom.

Thursday, Dec. 8: My friend Nancy brought me lunch and got to meet Claire, who slept in her bouncer most of the time while we chatted. It was good to catch up!

Friday, Dec. 9: Kate's Christmas program at school had this proud mommy grinning from ear to ear. It was a cute show and I love seeing Kate interact with the other little girls in her class.

Saturday, Dec. 10: Now that we're living in a house that wasn't built in the 1970s, we actually have outdoor outlets and can put up Christmas lights! Not much, we just hung some icicle lights across the front porch, but I'm excited about it, especially since our tree isn't visible in a front window.

Sunday, Dec. 11: I've been gradually wrapping presents this week—one of my favorite Christmas activities! On somewhat related notes, we had our Sunday school Christmas party tonight (at which we did a white elephant exchange and had a surprise wedding shower) and it was my dad's 60th birthday (another gift-giving event, so as I said, "somewhat related," even though I don't have pics of those!)

Monday, Dec. 12: Kate and I decorated a gingerbread house with a kit I picked up at 50% off after last Christmas. She wanted to eat some of the candy as we decorated, of course!

Afterward, we got in our jammies and drove around looking at Christmas lights. (If you are amused by pics of screaming babies being tortured by well-meaning older siblings, see the post with more from this shoot!)

And another bonus pic: earlier in the day, I used my camera's timer to take some pics of Claire and I by the tree. Sweet baby is six weeks old today!

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