Friday, November 18, 2011

Look Who's Home!

It's Charlotte!!! 

She's been gone thirteen days and we'd almost given up hope, but she showed up at our back door this evening! Matt and I both heard something, and wondered if it was Kate (who fell asleep in the car on the way home and was already in bed at 7:30), but then it kind of registered as a "mow" and I looked at the back door to see a kitty face in the dark. I scrambled for the keys and opened the door, and she walked right in—it was her!! 

She went straight to the laundry room and chowed down (I hadn't given up to the point of removing her dishes yet) and then curled up on the couch, purring away while Matt scratched her back. She looks happy to be home! 

She might look a little thinner, but really seems fine! I wonder what adventures she's had, what she's eaten, where she's been, how she escaped the coyotes that people keep telling me roam the neighborhood at night... In any case, we're so excited she's home! It's a Thanksgiving miracle!

So Mommy's not the only thing we're thankful for this week!


Katie Bug said...

Love the "Thanksgiving miracle" line! That's one of our favorite quotables.

Lisa H. said...

I told Matt on so so glad that Charlotte returned. I was really worried on your behalf! Sending you guys tons of love and we look forward to seeing some point! :)


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