Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jesus Loves Me So

Not much to report in our house this week. Just the sickies. I started having chills and a sore throat on Saturday, by that night, Matt had joined me, and then Sunday morning, Kate started throwing up. Fortunately, Claire has remained above the fray (must be all that immune-boosting breastmilk that she's been guzzling on an hourly basis!)

Since Kate was feeling better yesterday but we still had to keep her home from school (24 hours after last symptom) I took advantage of the time to take her for a much-needed Mommy-Daughter date, just the two of us. We played at The Monkey's Treehouse (an indoor play place) and didn't talk about Baby Sister or how she likes being a Big Sister or anything like that. Just good, undivided Mommy attention.

Since we finally uploaded all the videos from our Flip cam (have you noticed I've been sharing more videos lately, after a very long hiatus?) here's this fun one from the week before Claire's birth. Kate and Daddy playing "'tars" and singing Kate's rockin' version of "Jesus Loves Me."

I think my favorite moment comes at the very end, when I ask, "is the song over, Kate?" and she just looks up and says, "huh?" Musician's ADD, I guess.

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NALA said...

I love it! Mom


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