Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!!

Hope you and your kids and/or dressed-up pets had a great one. Kate made a very cute little witch. Check out the fun we had both at the church's Trunk or Treat Wednesday night and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood tonight.
Granna and Opa came to our Trunk or Treat and dressed up their trunk for the occasion. Her treat bucket this year was a plastic cauldron I had in my fall decor box; I just drilled holes in the sides and added the ribbon!

Trunk or Treat is one of Arlington's biggest outreach events of the year, I learned, and there were TONS of guests at the event. We had a free dinner and carnival games in addition to the candy-mongering. Kate actually got two bean bags in the 30-point hole from about 3 feet away!
Tonight we left a bowl of candy on the porch while we walked Kate around part of the neighborhood. Not surprisingly, we ended up carrying her hat and broom—and eventually, her cauldron, when it got heavy—ourselves, but she had fun!

And, the aftermath... messy hair from the hat, runny nose from the chilly night air, several tested-but-uneaten pieces of candy...
And the tiny little book there (courtesy of the neighbor who must be either a dentist or a pediatric diabetes specialist, giving out tiny books, bracelets, yo-yos, and stuffed animals instead of candy) is actually her favorite thing. She calls it her "Bible Book" (even though it is actually a Barbie address book) and she "read" it to us before bed, saying "love your friends" over and over. :0) 


Tracy Wells Miller said...

Kate looks so cute!! And love your "pumpkin belly" sweater. Also love Kate's "Bible book" that says "love your friends." That's so great!!! (Maybe next she can work on "love your enemies"???? Perhaps baby Claire and sibling rivalry will help with that one... ;o)

Katie Bug said...

Kate looked adorable. She has gorgeous hair!
Katelyn also calls just about any small book a Bible. She grabbed one of her board books on Sunday morning and said, "This will be my Bible today!" When I asked her if she wanted to trade it out for her tiny pink New Testament she threw a small fit.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I just clicked over from Kelly's....I linked up after you. And, my 2 daughters are also named Kate & Claire!!!! So crazy! You have great taste in names :)
I also have a 2 month old boy named Luke...was that your boy name? ;)


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