Friday, October 07, 2011

Packing the Hospital Bag

Since Kate was late when I was so certain she'd be early, I have refused to think that Claire might be at all early. But even though at our appointment yesterday (36.5 weeks) I was still just one centimeter dilated and not at all effaced, given how low she's riding and the fairly frequent (though painless) contractions I've been having for the last several days, I feel the need to be . . . prepared.

So, I started getting stuff together for my hospital bag the other night. I can't do anything without a list, though, so let me share that here and see if there's anything I'm forgetting!
  • Pajamas--my mom got me some great maternity/nursing jammies for my birthday that include a matching cardigan that will be perfect for covering up in the days following the birth. So, I'm going this month without wearing them so I can be certain they'll be clean and in the bag when we need to go!
  • Slipper socks and flip flops.
  • Nursing bra, underwear, toiletries.
  • Knit pants and top to come home in. 
  • Books and things to do--Right now I'm reading Cinderella Ate My Daughter and Your Two-Year Old: Terrible or Tender, but I will probably be done with those before going into labor. I'll probably pick up a Jodi Picoult novel at the library, and I'll take the iPad so I can download a new Kindle book if I need to. I'll also take some Sudoku and crosswords.
  • Snacks! This is the one major thing I didn't think about last time, and while I will typically eat anything, the hospital food was quite unappetizing and I really needed something else to eat. 
  • Clothes for Claire--a couple sleepers and onesies, and some cute hats and headbands (including one with a Halloween bow, just in case :)
  • A gift for Kate from the baby. I still need to get this, and take Kate to get her gift for Claire. 
  • My maternity leave paperwork for the doctor to sign. Can't forget that! 
  • Camera and video camera. (And Matt will have his laptop so we can blog and update on Facebook!) 
  • My own pillow--I remember them telling us in our childbirth class with Kate to put a colored pillowcase on your pillow so the hospital staff won't accidentally take it. Good tip. 
  • The infant car seat for Claire to go home in. 
Is there anything I'm forgetting? What's the smartest thing you took to the hospital when giving birth?


Cindie said...

I think you have it covered and them some! I did hear something good yesterday that they do at hospitals here in Florida. At shift change, each nurse goes into the patients room and leaving nurse reads chart to nurse coming on duty. Never any mix-up of patients, medication, etc. I thought that was smart. Oh, and I am all for epidurals and any other thing they would want to give me! Good luck! We will all anxiously be waiting for updates :)

EMU said...

Hard candy/suckers to suck on after labor. Huge help for the sore throat from all the screaming/moaning! :)

I've heard of mamas bringing baked goods for the nurses/doctor. Never hurts to make friends quickly with those people taking care of you! :)

Let me know what you think of the two parenting books you're reading.

Katie Bug said...

Packing the hospital bag is so exciting! If you've got time, I second the idea above about taking baked goods. We took brownies, cookies, and cake balls to the hospital when K was born. It made us a hit with the staff and gave everyone who checked on us an automatic link to us.

Pastor Nicole said...

Definitely a Boppy - that was the best thing we brought. Good for nursing and good for people who came to visit...especially older siblings who are still little. :o)


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