Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nala and Popi Pics

I think I've finally learned my lesson on IOU gifts--they're easy to forget about and people often never cash them in. Last Christmas, Kate's gifts to her grandparents were picture frames with a certificate inside promising a photo shoot with Kate done by yours truly. That was December, and we finally did the first set of grandparents yesterday :0) My parents were in town, and I told them to pack accordingly--we were doing this now! (Granna and Opa, hope we can do this soon--maybe before I go into labor, even!)

Kate wasn't feeling extremely cooperative, at first not wanting to sit down at all, and then sticking her tongue out for a whole series of photos... it was a challenge. But I think out of the whole batch, we got a few keepers. Hope Nala and Popi agree!

Out of the (many, many) outtakes, I cropped the little tongue-sticker-outer out of this one to leave a beautiful shot of my parents:
Some of the cuter outtakes, though, were from when Kate discovered the fun of throwing fall leaves!
What a little stinker!

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Katie Bug said...

Those pictures are great. You have got some great genes, girl!


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