Monday, October 31, 2011

Killing Time with Crafts

I didn't expect to start another non-working work-week before Baby came, but here we are! All the errands and chores and self-pampering I'd planned to do during the pre-baby part of my maternity leave were done last week, so I've been passing the time by getting crafty!

I picked up a couple more little $1 birdhouses to paint for Claire's room (like the one hanging from the "tree" on her wall) to just sit around on her bookcase and shelves. 

I loosely stitched some felt cut-outs on my orange sweater so that my belly might earn some candy when we go trick-or-treating this evening. (I'm not so good with the mirror self-portraits. This was the best of about ten attempts.)

And, I've been doing some scrapbooking. Like a couple pages about Matt's Holy Land trip from last spring.

And a page celebrating Kate and my "special lullabye." I started changing the words to "Rock-a-bye Baby" when I realized how unsettling the whole cradle falling out of a tree thing is, so we now have a special version just for Kate and Mommy that she'll request and sing along with me.

Matt will be home with Kate soon and we'll enjoy a frozen pizza before heading out trick-or-treating. Maybe walking the neighborhood again will jumpstart labor. (Jalepenos, walks, Thai food, and other tricks haven't worked yet, but who knows.) We see the doctor again in the morning, so I'll have a status report tomorrow afternoon!

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SpeasHill said...

Ha! Love the pumpkin!


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