Sunday, October 30, 2011

Due Date!

I was hoping to finish out this "31 Days of Baby" thing (or rather, the 17 days I've managed) with an actual baby, but the clock is ticking on that and I'm not sure Claire's going to see October this year! Today, October 30, is my due date, and while there's still time to go into labor and deliver today or tomorrow, I'm not holding my breath.

Claire has cried wolf several nights this week, as my contractions seemed to pick up steam a little bit, even feeling a little bit painful last night, but then they settle down. The doctor I saw on Wednesday said that this is common with second/subsequent pregnancies, but it's really annoying, especially given how the docs got my hopes up that she could be early! At least this time I know what "real" labor feels like, so I don't worry that I'm missing some major sign. With Kate, when these frequent, painless contractions began just a couple days before her birth, I called the doctor to ask, "They're supposed to hurt, right? This can't be it, right?" So now, I'm just waiting for some real pain! (Then again, I know second labors can go really quickly, so a teeny part of me does worry I'll wait too long and end up delivering on the side of the road, but that's highly unlikely.)

Apparently, some women really want to avoid a Halloween birth, but I'm fine with that. (My birthday is July 4, holiday birthdays are fun, and people keep telling me how their friends with Halloween birthdays always had the best parties.) So, feel free to come any time, Claire! We're just so excited to meet you and hold you!

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Happy Due Date!!!


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