Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birth Day Poll

I had a noteworthy doctor appointment today. I'm a little more dilated than I was last week (1-2 cm now) but I went from 0 to 70% effaced in one week! (definitions of those terms here, if you need them) That doesn't necessarily mean anything, since a person can stay the same for weeks with no more progress, or have it all happen very quickly. Nonetheless, my doctor seemed to think my little low-rider just might come early. When I asked if I would make it to my planned last day of work next Friday (the 21st), she said, "Mmm, might be cutting it close."

So, while I would have waited a little longer, I thought now might be the time to throw up a fun little "when will Claire be born?" poll. It's in the right sidebar, so if you're reading this in a Reader, you'll need to pop over to the actual blog. The options are:

  • Soon: Oct. 20 or before
  • 1 week early: Oct. 21-24
  • A few days early: Oct. 25-28
  • Right on time: Oct. 29-31
  • A little late: Nov. 1-4
  • Induced: Nov. 5 or later
So that you can make an informed decision, here are all the pertinent facts:
  • My due date is Oct. 30
  • I've been contracting frequently for over a week now
  • Claire's head is very low and I'm definitely waddling
  • Kate was five days late
  • I was born two weeks early
  • Matt was born two weeks late
  • With Kate, I was not this dilated or effaced until just before her due date, so within a week of her birth (I was 90% effaced and 3 cm dilated when I went to the hospital)
  • There is a full moon going on right now. Won't be another until Nov. 10.
So what do you think?


Tracy Wells Miller said...

I'm voting for Oct. 20 so she can be my birthday buddy! :o)

Monica McNeeley said...

I am still going with November 4th.

Matt Kelley said...

My vote is for a few days early. My only reason being that Andrew and I were both born in the 19th, so just for the heck of it I'll say that Kate and Claire will both have 28th birthdays.

Kristen said...

I was going to vote for 10/24 so she could be *my* birthday buddy ;) but I really like Matt's pick of the 28th!

Also, I laughed out loud that the full moon was included in the pertinent facts. :)

Jessica said...

Enjoying your 31 days. I decided to follow along because I just had my second baby in September and I'm a Jessica too. My new baby will be a month old soon! I think you'll deliver soon... rest this weekend.

Tracy Wells Miller said...

Hahaha, yes, I like Matt's comment too. 28th for both would be cool!!


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