Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Baby Showers

Thought I'd do a little run down of baby shower ideas and pics that I've featured previously on The Parsonage Family. If you're looking for inspiration for the next shower you're throwing, maybe you'll find something here! (The original posts with more pics are linked in each description.)

Most recently was my sister-in-law's shower with a bird's nest theme. I never would have thought of it (I guess my mother-in-law did; we co-hosted it but I can't remember how the theme came up!) but a bird on the nest is a really cute metaphor for pregnancy and "nesting" to prepare for baby. We had a gorgeous cake, adorable favors, and a cute game all related to the theme.

For our cousin that was expecting twins, my mother-in-law and I threw a "Twice the Love" shower. The cake and invitations featured that slogan, and I made my first diaper cake for the occasion.

I hosted a shower for a girl at our previous church with a rubber ducky theme: rubber ducks "swimming" in the punch bowl, little ducks on sticks stuck into each cheese on the cheese tray, etc. 

Another shower I attended had a bird theme to correspond with the baby's birdie/owl nursery. The centerpiece was a very modern, creative diaper cake. There were also handcrafted paper birds hanging from ribbon in the doorway. Very cute.

I went to a shower for two cousins born close to one another whose names were Ruby and Scarlett--so what could the theme be other than the color red? They had all the guests wear red, and the decor was red, I think we ate red velvet cake, etc. This is a neat idea that I could imagine being cute for a wedding shower for a last name Brown or Black, or maybe a baby Goldie or Kelly? 

I'm just now realizing I never blogged about the baby showers that were thrown for me when I was pregnant with Kate, and I only have pics from one of them! (I know I scrapbooked all of them, so I guess people gave me prints from their pics.) Guess I was a little preoccupied at that time in my life! 

What are some fun baby shower themes and ideas you've seen or used?


Katie Bug said...

I did a "sugar and spice" themed shower for a friend who was having a baby girl. The colors were pink and brown, and we served sweet and spiced foods.
This weekend, I'm going to a shower for another friend that is being thrown by her super creative sisters. I dont' know what the theme is yet, but I'm sure it will be fab!

SpeasHill said...

Okay, you're REALLY making me want my baby shower. Okay, I already wanted it, but you know...you do throw a good party. :)


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