Saturday, September 03, 2011

7 Months

Maybe it's just because I've been such a blogging slacker lately and so I only write a couple posts between my monthly belly-updates, but it feels like these monthly milestones are just flying by!

I'm at seven months now (32 weeks) and definitely at a stage where strangers do not hesitate to ask me when I'm due, whether it's a boy or girl, etc. (The pic above has a bad shadow from the morning sun, so I'm not quite as big as it may look at first glance, but still.) My wonderful in-laws painted the nursery yesterday, and now it's time to get everything together!

Claire is getting big and moving quite a lot these days, and pressing on something down low that doesn't feel so good. She's growing right on track, though, and everything seems perfectly normal and healthy. I no longer have a belly button, since I have such an extreme innie that it just goes completely flat when stretched by a baby. I'm about eight pounds shy of where I topped out last time, and I'm hoping to stay under that (especially since I started about five pounds lighter this time), but we'll see. With Kate, I barely gained at all until the last three months, which included Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I'm glad this pregnancy will be over by then (well, probably not Halloween, but the others) but I am tending to crave more substantial things--sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies--as opposed to with Kate, who was all fruit, all the time. 

I'm having heartburn regularly, and still getting sick a few times a week. I just kind of accept the sickness, since I'm prone to motion sickness in general and Kate also made me throw up right to the end, so it's just the way it is. Still, I don't enjoy when it makes the blood vessels in my face burst, such that I have red freckles not just around my eyes but all the way down to my jaw. And week before last, I did this:

Crazy. Almost two weeks later, there is still a hint of bloodiness right next to my iris.

I saved that for last in case a bloody eye is the max of TMI you can take and you stop reading here. Pregnancy updates are, by nature, pretty TMI-filled, so what can you do?

Two months left!


The Mauney's said...

Yes, the weight tends to come on faster the second time! I've passed the mark that I hit with Jake, but have been gaining slowly in the last weeks, so hopefully you'll have the same experience. BTW, have you tried taking the herb Ginger Root for your sickness? You probably have... a friend of mine was very sick with her pregnancies and it helped her out a lot, so I thought I'd suggest it if you hadn't tried it. If it were me, I would be willing to try anything!

Katie Bug said...

You look great!

Kristen P said...

you look great!

Nancy said...

Ha! Love that you keep it real.
You have a great blog!


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