Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

Just about a year ago, Kate had her first carnival train ride at a church Labor Day festival in Louisville. You may recall it didn't go so well...

To her credit, she wasn't scared, just cranky, overdue for a nap, and--despite the fact that Popi had waited in line for a half hour in her stead--she just didn't want to ride the train. 

So, this past Sunday, when Nala and Popi came down from Louisville to meet us (and a large group from our new church) at Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, Ky. (about halfway between Nashville and Louisville), we worried that Kate would freak out and try to jump off the rides--especially those that didn't allow an adult to ride with her. 

We were pleasantly surprised. She had a blast!!

The faster the better, in fact! She loved the super-slide and rode it with all the non-pregnant family members there! And she got a big thrill out of "The Whip," which was actually the oldest ride in the park--over 100 years old! It rode around the little oval track at a moderate pace, but then whipped quickly around the ends. What a little daredevil!

And she even proved her train-riding (and driving!) prowess!

 Toot! Toot!

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Coco Love said...

I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well


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