Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Six Months

This month's picture is pretty messy (and about ten days late), but here I am at six months along. Kate was having a little meltdown because she wanted me to hold her right then. "I wanna hold you!" she screams, meaning "I want you to hold me," but it's sweeter this way. I usually respond, "I wanna hold you too," except when I have to say, "Sorry, I can't hold you right now.")

My hair also looks funky in this pic because a) the humidity is making my "horns" (i.e. the pieces of hair around my temples that never grow out) frizzy--I call them horns because when I was younger they would frizz out and up--and b) our upstairs air conditioning has been out for a week and a half, making me get dressed and ready as hastily as possible, and definitely not holding any heating devices near my head.

Nonetheless, I love this maternity dress my mom got me for my birthday, and am longing for the day when I can wear sleeves and pants without completely overheating. It is SO, SO HOT!! I know it's hot for everyone, so I'm not claiming it's just the pregnancy, but man oh man, I can't wait for it to be fall. 

I'm feeling pretty good. Still throwing up occasionally, as is to be expected for me. I went about a month without it, and now we're back to a couple times a week. Oh well. I'm in the hungry-and-heartburny stage of pregnancy now, where I'm eating every two hours and frequently suffering heartburn afterwards. 

Claire is moving a lot, and many movements are visible from the outside, which I just love. I lean back and watch "the belly show" as she punches and kicks. Whereas Kate used to stretch a lot, bulging firmly out one side, Claire often seems to "crawl" across my belly, with almost a scampering-type feeling. It's a funny feeling, but I love it. 

Less than three months to go now! I need to start preparing the nursery soon. I washed Kate's old newborn things, and most everything came clean. (It seems that spitup stains that look clean at the time tend to yellow while sitting in a box for two and a half years.) 
Kate helped with the washing, of course, and had to try on this little bear hat. I had to snap the picture quickly because the hat kept slipping up her head and popping off! It fit much better when she was just seven months old...

So, Claire now has drawers full of hand-me-down sleepers and onesies... and a few new things I couldn't resist getting for her!

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Katie Bug said...

I love the bear hat pictures! So cute.
And your maternity dress is great!


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