Thursday, July 07, 2011

Five Months

As of last week, I'm now five months along with Baby Claire!

I'm 23 weeks, and there's really not much to report! I'm not feeling or getting sick near so often (I think it's been two weeks since I last threw up) and I'm not so picky about what I eat now--the serious cravings are less common. I'm getting more to the "hungry" stage, where Baby is packing on weight and I'm finally gaining a little too (after losing weight during the queasy/pukey stage). I'm making sure to pack plenty for lunch and a few snacks when I head off to work, and my colleagues do a pretty good job of keeping me fed too :0)

Thanks to the cool iPad app I've been using, the Pampers "Hello Baby" app (I just looked for it in the App Store and now can't find it, so it might not be available anymore), I see that Claire is about 8 inches long and weighs around one pound. I should have done this each month, but for fun, here's what Claire looks like--real size--according to the app. (You tap the screen to toggle between a full-body view with information and the "life size" view.)

I'm not sure how that's possible, because I don't feel like I'm big enough yet to accommodate a baby that size and all my organs! I remember with Kate, though, the doctor told me I have a "deep pelvis," which can apparently hold Baby down in there without sticking out as much as she might otherwise. Claire's hanging out really low, too. Most of her early kicks were in an unmentionable region, and even now, she's clearly right under my waistband, not up in the belly that sticks out.

Anyway, fun times! I had an OB appointment yesterday, and it felt so anticlimactic (especially after waiting in the waiting room for an hour). I really had no questions, and there wasn't much to do this time besides check the heartbeat and the size of my uterus. Quad screen was last time (all good) and next time is the glucose test. It's funny how with the first, I had questions every time and wrote down everything--it's all "been there, done that" now. I haven't even opened What to Expect When You're Expecting once this time around!

Which reminds me of--and so I'll leave you with--this random movie quote. Can anyone (besides Matt) name that movie?

"I didn't read the baby books! What's gonna happen? How did anyone ever give birth without the baby books! That's right--the ancient Egyptians carved What to Expect When You're Expecting on the pyramid walls!"


Matt Kelley said...

I believe you left an F-bomb or five out of that quote

Tracy Wells Miller said...

Think about this -- 23 weeks was how big Elena was when she was born (the baby I ran my half-marathon in honor of)... here's what a 23-week-old baby looks like outside the womb:

Amazing. At least you know that at this point, if she's born early, it is medically possible for her to survive! Of course, we hope that doesn't happen, but after working in the NICU, I always breathe a sigh of relief once my pregnant friends pass 23 weeks...

Tracy Wells Miller said...

Whoops, my link to the photo didn't work. Let's see if this one does..

Maegan Roper said...

You're looking so cute, Jessica! I'm glad to hear you're feeling much better and baby Claire is healthy :) Miss you!

Kristen P said...

I'm thinking that's from "Knocked Up!"

kim schmidt said...

A few photos of Kate popped up in my FB news feed which lead me to your blog. I had no idea you guys were expecting again - congratulations!!!!

EMU said...

I love that picture with your ipad baby! Too cute! :)

tearzamariebaggett said...

I am so happy you are doing well! We wanted to make it out to your housewarming/birthday but Emery was under the weather and very feverish... need I say more?
We miss yall! Are you still coming to see Dr. Sawyer??
And Neil used to throw that quote at me all the time!! hahaha!


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