Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July

You recall how my New Year's resolution was "only blog if I feel like it"? That was an effort to keep blogging from taking over my life and the pressure of getting five posts a week out from stressing me out. Lately, though, I've really been wanting to blog more, even contemplating starting up Project Life again, and yet either don't find the time (Kate's later bedtime and resistance to bedtime even then being a prime factor) or run into technical difficulties like my slow computer getting even more tempermental and almost-full memory refusing to upload more pictures. (I've been putting it off forever, but I really need to get a computer fix-it person to clean it up.) 

So, I hope to share new pics and old stories and all that once my computer is working better, but in the meantime, let me share one fun pic (sent to me by my MIL) from our Fun Fourth Festivities--also known as Jesstravaganza Triple-X, since it was my thirtieth birthday!

We had a birthday/housewarming cookout to celebrate, joined by a dozen or so family and friends. I think my favorite part was watching these two little sillies play together, and hearing their giggles all over the house. 

And, holy crap, I'm thirty!


Katie Bug said...

Aaaah! Katelyn has started resisting bedtime a bit, too. She is suddenly 'hungry before I go to sleep' every night.
Happy 30!

SpeasHill said...

Sillies, indeed! They played so well together! And thirty is awfully fun. And if you're feeling old, just think about all you've accomplished in 30 years - pretty awesome!


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