Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's a...


Claire will be her name. We're still debating the middle name. (Thought we had it, but somebody had to throw a wrench in the plan! :0)

Yep, we're having another girl, and I'm so excited. Two girls... sisters... I think it's just wonderful. I always wanted a sibling, and especially as I got into adolescence, craved a sister to kind of show me the ropes. At just under three years apart in age, I hope my girls will have a close relationship. My Kate and Claire.

In addition to showing us her little girly bits, the ultrasound showed a very healthy, normal baby, measuring on target with good-looking organs. Here are a couple of the pics--pics of pics, since I can't seem to get the digital ones off the CD and just photographed the prints they gave us.

They did a minute of 3D, so here you can see her little profile and her skinny little arm bent with her hand by her ear.

 And in regular ultrasound, her skeletal ribs, arm, and hand waving at us.
 And then her head and legs folded up in front of her.
Can't believe it's still almost five months until we meet her face to face!


Katie Bug said...

Yay for another girl! I am so excited for you guys!
Claire is one of our top contenders, too (if we are fortunate enough to have another girl some day). Both of your girls will have beautiful, timeless names.

JT d'Eastwood said...

I think her middle name should be Julia, in honor of the person Matt is studying on his non-sabbatical.

Kim and Josh said...

Awwww...yay! I have two sisters and am 3 years younger than the middle one (and 5 years younger than the oldest). We had our typical girl-drama growing up, but I can honestly say they are my best friends now. Sisters are so special... Kate is one blessed girl (and so are you and Matt!). Congratulations!

Kristen P said...

Awesome! I always wanted a sister, too! Instead I got stuck with 3 older brothers!

Matt Kelley said...

Somebody has the right to throw ideas out there!

With all due respect to JT, there are at least a dozen writers I'd want to name a child after before Julian, as interesting as she is.


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