Sunday, June 05, 2011

Four Months

Well, I'm four months along now (as of Memorial Day, and 19 weeks as of today).

My energy level is pretty much back to normal, I think. Too bad "normal" for me still requires going to bed by 10:00 or so, rather than staying up till midnight to get more stuff put away in the new house or spend more time with Matt the night-owl or to actually write blog posts at something approaching my prepregnancy frequency. Oh well. It beats the totally-exhausted-by-7:30 thing where I got nothing done in the evenings.

I'm only getting sick two or three times a week, rather than five or six, so that's good. If this pregnancy continues like the last one (and so far, it's been similar) I really can't hope for much better than two or three times a week. And that's fine. I've been really snacky lately, so (combined with the lessened nausea) maybe I'll start to gain some weight now, rather than losing. Not that I'm complaining. I'm still kind of picky, but food in general doesn't usually disgust me anymore.

According to the cool iPad app I've been looking at--Pampers' "Hello Baby" free version--baby should be around six inches long and weigh 6.5-8 ounces. I don't feel like I've grown enough to accommodate a six-inch long baby yet--and that's just crown-to-rump, not even counting the little curled up legs! I think my stomach and bladder are feeling the space-squeeze, though.

I've been feeling flutters and tiny kicks this week, and it's always reassuring to feel signs of life from her/him--or "Herm," as I've affectionately dubbed the gender-unknown babe. Matt calls it "Cletus"--as in "Cletus the Fetus." Speaking of which, we get to find out the gender on Tuesday! After that, we'll be able to call our little one by name! I'll share the news on that later this week, and of course hopefully the news that everything is healthy and normal, since that's the real, medical purpose of this ultrasound!

Next week, we'll be halfway through this pregnancy. Hooray!

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